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Suburbs in Centurion

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SuburbStreetPO Box
Amberfield Crest01570109
Amberfield Glen0149
Amberfield Manor Estate01570158
Amberfield Ridge01570046
Amberfield Valley0157
Centurion Country Club01570046
Clubview East0157
Clubview Ext 10157
Clubview Ext 100157
Clubview Ext 20157
Clubview Ext 240157
Clubview Ext 270157
Clubview Ext 30157
Clubview Ext 390157
Clubview Ext 40157
Clubview Ext 470157
SuburbStreetPO Box
Clubview Ext 50157
Clubview Ext 510157
Clubview Ext 70157
Clubview Ext 80157
Clubview West0157
Cornwall Hill01570178
Die Hoewes01570163
Die Hoewes Ext 10157
Die Hoewes Ext 12601570046
Die Hoewes Ext 19701570163
Die Hoewes Ext 201570163
Die Hoewes Ext 220157
Die Hoewes Ext 2601570046
Die Hoewes Ext 460157
Die Hoewes Ext 880157
Eco Park Est01570140
Eldo Manor0157
Eldo View01570149
SuburbStreetPO Box
Eldoraigne Ext 10157
Eldoraigne Ext 110157
Eldoraigne Ext 160157
Eldoraigne Ext 170157
Eldoraigne Ext 180157
Eldoraigne Ext 190157
Eldoraigne Ext 20157
Eldoraigne Ext 2001570171
Eldoraigne Ext 210157
Eldoraigne Ext 2301570171
Eldoraigne Ext 260157
Eldoraigne Ext 270157
Eldoraigne Ext 30157
Eldoraigne Ext 310157
Eldoraigne Ext 320157
Eldoraigne Ext 330157
Eldoraigne Ext 350157
SuburbStreetPO Box
Eldoraigne Ext 370157
Eldoraigne Ext 3801570171
Eldoraigne Ext 390157
Eldoraigne Ext 400157
Eldoraigne Ext 450157
Eldoraigne Ext 470157
Eldoraigne Ext 50157
Eldoraigne Ext 60157
Eldoraigne Ext 90157
Hennopspark Ext 10157
Hennopspark Ext 150157
Hennopspark Ext 20157
Hennopspark Ext 30157
Hennopspark Ext 320157
Hennopspark Ext 390157
Hennopspark Ext 40157
Hennopspark Ext 50157
SuburbStreetPO Box
Heritage Hill Est01570169
Heuwelsig Estate01570131
Highveld Ext 101570169
Highveld Ext 100157
Highveld Ext 1101570169
Highveld Ext 120157
Highveld Ext 201570169
Highveld Ext 4301570169
Highveld Ext 4401570169
Highveld Ext 4701570169
Highveld Ext 701570169
Highveld Ext 801570169
Highveld Ext 901570169
Highveld Park01570067
Highveld Park0169
Highveld Techno Park01570169
SuburbStreetPO Box
Kosmosdal Ext 130157
Kosmosdal Ext 210157
Kosmosdal Ext 5101570046
Kosmosdal Ext 5201570046
Kosmosdal Ext 550157
Kosmosdal Ext 6101570149
Kosmosdal Ext 6201570187
Kosmosdal Ext 800157
Kosmosdal Ext 810157
Kosmosdal Ext 860157
Louwlardia Ext 3401570140
Lowlardia Ext 4801570046
Lyttelton Ext 10157
Lyttelton Ext 30157
Lyttelton Manor01570140
Lyttelton Manor Ext 10157
Lyttelton Manor Ext 110157
Lyttelton Manor Ext 20157
SuburbStreetPO Box
Lyttelton Manor Ext 30157
Lyttelton Sihs Ext0163
Lyttelton South01570176
Midstream Ridge16921692
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 130187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 150187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 180187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 1901870175
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 200187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 210187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 230187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 240187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 250187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 260187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 3301870187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 360187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 370187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 40187
Olievenhoutbosch Ext 6001870175
SuburbStreetPO Box
Pierre Van Ryneveld01570045
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark01570045
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 10157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 130157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 20157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 200157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 40157
Pierre Van Ryneveldpark Ext 70157
Rietvallei Park0157
Rietvlei Ridge0157
Rua Vista01570157
Rua Vista Ext 901570157
Savannah Park01570014
Sunderland Ridge0157
Sunderland Ridge Industrial0157
Tamara Park0157
Thatchfield Glen01570158
Thatchfield Manor01570158
SuburbStreetPO Box
The Reeds01570061
The Reeds01570158
The Reeds Ext 370158
The Reeds Ext 4501580061
Villa Rosa0157
Zwartkop Ext 20157
Zwartkop Ext 401570046
Zwartkop Ext 50157
Zwartkop Ext 60157
Zwartkop Ext 701570051
Zwartkop Ext 801570051

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Major cities (city centres only)
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Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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