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Suburbs with Street Code 7100

Western Region, Western Cape: Area south-east of Cape Town

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SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Beverly ParkEerste River7100
Blue DownsEerste River71007105
Brentwood ParkEerste River7100
CedarvaleEerste River7100
Chelsea GreenEerste River7100
ClairewoodEerste River7100
Condor ParkEerste River7100
Constantia DaleEerste River7100
Constantia ParkEerste River7100
DelftEerste River71007102
Delft SouthEerste River7100
Delft VoorburgEerste River7100
Devon ParkEerste River7100
DriftsandsEerste River7100
EedervaleEerste River7100
Eerste RiverCape Town71007103
Eerste River Ext 7Eerste River7100
Eerste River SouthEerste River7100
EindhovenEerste River7100
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Electric CityEerste River7100
FairdaleEerste River7100
Forest GladeEerste River7100
Forest HeightsEerste River7100
Forest ParkEerste River7100
Forest VillageEerste River7100
Fountain VillageEerste River7100
FountainheadBlue Downs7100
Hamilton EstEerste River7100
Heather ParkEerste River7100
High PlacesEerste River7100
HillcrestEerste River7100
HillviewEerste River7100
Houghton PlaceEerste River7100
Jubilee ParkEerste River7100
KleinvleiEerste River7100
Kleinvlei AnnexEerste River7100
Malibu VillageEerste River7100
Melton RoseEerste River71007101
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Melton VillageEerste River7100
MfuleniEerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 1Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 2Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 3Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 4Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 5Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 6Eerste River7100
Mfuleni Ext 7Eerste River7100
New HorizonEerste River7100
Park VillageEerste River7100
PenhillEerste River7100
Perm GardensEerste River7100
Pine PlaceEerste River7100
Riverside ParkEerste River7100
RivieraEerste River7100
RosedaleEerste River7100
Russels RestEerste River7100
Samantha VillageEerste River7100
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
San DiegoEerste River7100
Santana VillageEerste River7100
Silwood EstateEerste River7100
Silwood HeightsEerste River7100
Somerset HeightsEerste River7100
Spandau VillageEerste River7100
Stoney Brook VillageEerste River7100
Stratford GreenEerste River7100
Stratford ParkEerste River7100
The ConifersEerste River7100
The HagueEerste River7100
Tuscany GlenEerste River7100
VoorbrugEerste River7100
WembleyparkEerste River7100
Westminister ParkEerste River7100

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Major cities (city centres only)
CityStreetPO BoxCityStreetPO Box
Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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