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Suburbs with Street Code 7130

Western Region, Western Cape: Area south-east of Cape Town

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SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Audas EstSomerset West7130
BakkershoogteSomerset West7130
Bellair Winelands EstateSomerset West7130
Belle GlenSomerset West7130
BridgebankSomerset West7130
BridgewaterSomerset West7130
Briza EstSomerset West7130
Brookside VillageSomerset West7130
Bulties EstSomerset West7130
Croydon Vineyard EstSomerset West7130
DennegeurSomerset West7130
Die WingerdSomerset West7130
Dorhill EstSomerset West7130
ErinvaleSomerset West7130
Fernwood EstateSomerset West7130
FirgroveSomerset West71307110
Garden VillageSomerset West7130
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Golden AcreSomerset West7130
Golden HillSomerset West7130
Hageland EstateSomerset West7130
HelderbergSomerset West71307135
HelderrantSomerset West7130
HelderviewSomerset West71307129
HelderzichtSomerset West7130
Helena HeightsSomerset West7130
Heritage ParkSomerset West7130
JonkershoogteSomerset West7130
KelderhofSomerset West7130
La ConcordeSomerset West7130
La ConcordiaSomerset West7130
La SandraSomerset West7130
Land En ZeezichtSomerset West7130
LinksSomerset West7130
Longdown EstSomerset West7130
MacassarSomerset West71307134
MartinvilleSomerset West7130
Marvin ParkSomerset West7130
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Mission GroundSomerset West7130
MontclairSomerset West7130
MontserratSomerset West7130
MorningsideSomerset West7130
Nature's ValleySomerset West7130
New Macassar VillageSomerset West7130
PaardevleiSomerset West7130
Parel ValleySomerset West7130
Pearl RiseSomerset West7130
PinegroveSomerset West7130
RaithbySomerset West7130
Rome GlenSomerset West7130
RoundhaySomerset West7130
Rue Mont ClareSomerset West7130
Salvo ParkFirgrove7130
Sir Lowry RoadSomerset West7130
Sir Lowry's PassSomerset West71307133
Somerset MallSomerset West71307137
Somerset OaksSomerset West7130
Somerset ParkSomerset West7130
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Somerset RidgeSomerset West7130
Somerset WestSomerset West71307129
Somerset West Business ParkSomerset West7130
Somerset West Country EstateSomerset West7130
Spanish FarmSomerset West7130
SteynsrustSomerset West7130
Stuart's HillSomerset West7130
Sun CitySomerset West7130
Van Der StelSomerset West7130
Victoria ParkSomerset West7130
WestridgeSomerset West7130

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Major cities (city centres only)
CityStreetPO BoxCityStreetPO Box
Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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